What is PBL?


Tower Herb and Vegetable Garden

Tower Gardens utilize aeroponic technology to grow a variety of herbs and vegetables indoors in a way that is both sustainable and low-energy.

Tower Gardens encompass STEM learning targets for all levels. They are a rich source of information about plant biology and nutrition, and circle back into our student-run kitchen and homesteading activities. At the same time, they have the potential to provide opportunities for our students to learn about management and business skills through local partnerships with the community.

Tiny Home

When a Rochester native partnered up with his classmate from North Dakota, they designed Atlas, one of the best tiny houses in a Pinterest-exploding Tiny House movement.

IMAGINE a tiny house-on-wheels with a glass wall and fold-out porch! The Tiny House embraces the reinvention of the wheel (literally) in an effort to educate the next generation of craftsmen and women about the hard skills required to master everything from electrical wiring, 3D modeling, architectural design – you name it.

IMAGINE Arts Book Award

IMAGINE Arts Book Award is a national book award for young adult authors.

Students are invited to read publisher copies of titles published in the calendar year. They can exhibit their engagement in a variety of ways: serve as a juror, become an ambassador to other schools throughout the country, write freelance reviews…the list goes on.